Bison 101 Online Training

Bison 101 Online Training
Price: $29.95

Bison 101 is FREE to Active, Life, and Allied Industry members. Join here. Or, you can take the Bison 101 course and use the purchase towards one of an Active membership within six months of purchase. Bison 201 is exclusively available to Active, Life, and Allied Industry members and is not available for purchase by non-members.

The National Bison Association's Bison 101 Online Training was designed for individuals who want to start a bison ranch, but don't know where to start. The training is divided into three modules which include 1) The history and overview of the animal and industry, 2) The basics of bison management, from fencing to health to marketing, and 3) How to finance a bison operation.

Bison 201 expands on the knowledge obtained in Bison 101 and includes video references, worksheets that can be customized to your own operation and more in depth topics, including:

  • Your Place in the Bison Business
  • Building a Bison Business Plan
  • Financing  a Bison Operation
  • Daily Bison Management
  • Bison Marketing
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues

The trainings are taken exclusively online to accommodate busy schedules, as you take the course at your own pace. It can be completed in a weekend, or you can take up to one year to complete the course.

Upon payment, you will be emailed instructions and log on information to start the course. Questions, please email, or call (303) 292-2833.


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