Baloney in The Onion Boosts Bison

Baloney in The Onion Boosts Bison
Fabricated Column 'Fake, But True,' Says Bison Association Head

Westminster, CO (December 12, 2011) - Even fake stories can't hide the natural goodness of bison meat, the head of the National Bison Association said today after discovering that a fabricated column had been published in his name in The Onion newspaper, a Denver-based weekly publication specializing in parodying current events.

Alongside headlines reading "Secretary of Agriculture Attends Diplomatic Meeting with Foreign Cabbage," and "Nation's Moms Demand Christmas List" in the December 8 issue of the Onion was an opinion piece entitled, "Did Someone Say Bison?" The column, supposedly written by National Bison Association Executive Director Dave Carter, touts the great taste and nutritional benefits of naturally-raised bison meat.

Carter, however, had nothing to do with the article.

"They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery," Carter said after reading the made-up article. "In this case, fabrication comes in a close second."

 "The article may be fake, but the writer sure hit the high points about the great taste of bison meat, and the unique traits of America's bison herds," he said.

Since its launch by a couple of University of Wisconsin-Madison students in 1988, the Onion has gained a national circulation of about 400,000 copies with its articles poking fun at politicians and current events. 

The fake column is available on-line at,26819/  

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