Chriss Mack and Troy Westre

Bitterroot Bison Co.
Chriss Mack and Troy Westre

8721 Ruple Lane
Missoula MT 59808
406-531-6047 and 406-721-9886
Description: Our 300-acre ranch in the Bitterroot Valley, near Lolo, Montana, houses 90 cows and 4 bulls. An extension of the ranch consists of 200 acres near Stevensville, Montana, where our yearlings and two year old bulls are kept.
Products: All natural meat sold in quarters, halves and wholes, superior breeding stock, bison hides, coats, hats, mittens, pillows, skulls (whitened and painted). Approximately thirty-five 2011 heifer calves, avg. weight 400 lbs. Ideal for breeding. 32 month-old bulls, excellent confirmation. Sold as breeders or meat.
Offer Hunts? No
Offer Tours? Yes
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