42 Head of Bred 2.5 yr old Heifers - w/free delivery

We have 42 head of bred 2.5 year old heifers for sale. They will calve this Spring at 3 years of age. They are located in Moore, MT. We will delivery FREE anywhere in the lower 48 States with the purchase of all 42 head. These heifers have been recently pregnancy tested to be bred. Delivered Price is $2950/head. They are available for immediate delivery. Call Rex Moore at 303-294-0026 or send an email to rexm@moore-brothers.com.

We also have about another 40 head of open 2.5 year old heifers that are all grassfed animals that could be sold for harvest or sent to a feedyard. Located in Moore, MT. Please call and make an offer to they are headed to a feedyard.

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