Throlson American Bison Foundation

This 501c(3) foundation was established by the American Bison Association prior to the merger with the National Buffalo Association. The assets of the foundation are over $250,000. The goal is to continue to build this endowment through additional contributions and to limit spending to interest income generated.

The foundation was established in honor of Dr Kenneth Throlson. His knowledge of bison propagation and health and his contributions to bison research have been of great benefit to bison producers. The board of directors consists of five individuals, one being Dr Throlson, and one appointed by the National Bison Association board of directors. These two appoint a third member, and these three appoint two more directors.

The primary mission of the foundation is to annually award scholarships in bison related studies. Some previous winning students have pursued degrees in veterinary medicine (production or pathology research), nutrition (livestock or meat), animal science, and behavior science. One common theme they have all possessed is an interest in the advancement of the bison industry.

Download the 2016 Throlson Scholarship application and instructions here. (Download a Word version here.)

The foundation has also contributed funds to several research studies and projects that have the potential to reflect favorably on meat demand or benefit producers. Additionally, the foundation has facilitated the collection of donations and the disbursement of funds for specific research projects.

The foundation has funded bison industry representation at the annual meeting of United States Animal Health Association (USAHA). This association, which includes state veterinarians, health officials, scientists, and federal regulators has substantial influence in all issues concerning animal health, regulation, disease controls, and research funding in the U.S.

Dr Throlson and the directors of this foundation continue to believe that a strong national association is critical to the advancement of the bison industry. Supporting the endowment of this foundation is an important way to provide for the future of our industry. Your consideration and financial support is greatly appreciated.

Please contact a director with your comments or questions.


Directors (January 2016):

Dr. Kenneth Throlson

Mike Duncan

Del Hensel

Brian Ward

Wayne Cook

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